Stage Vertical Panel


Micro perforated panel with sound absorbing properties, without a luminous profile.


Stage Horizontal Silence


Stage Horizontal Silence is a suspension lamp with horizontal development that integrates sound-absorbing properties. It consists of a micro-perforated metal sheet and an aluminium profile that houses the linear LED light source. The lighting thus joins a wider functionality, creating an ideal light point for all environments with a high…

STAGE_VERTICAL_SILENCE (1)_OLEV_lamp_suspension_sospensione_LED_fonoassorbente

Stage Vertical Silence


Stage Vertical Silence is a series of suspension lamps with vertical development. It consists of a micro perforated panel with sound absorbing properties and an aluminium profile that houses the LED luminaire. Designed for environments with high ceilings, thanks to the dual characteristic of illuminating and absorbing noise, Stage Vertical…


MD (DE) | OLEV lamp Stage Vertical Silence design Marc Sadler

Area press

2019 -10  DAS BÜRO ALS BÜHNE Ganz und gar gradlinig ist die Leuchte ‚Stage‘, die Marc Sadler für Olev entwarf. Während in ein Aluminiumprofil gebettete LEDs Licht spenden, schluckt ein in perforiertem Metall verborgenes Filzpaneel Schall. Mit der skulpturalen Wirkung wird die Leuchte ihrem Namen gerecht: Sie macht den Arbeitsplatz…