OLEV is an Italian brand founded in 2014 by Andrea Lanaro, who followed on the path of his family business with over 50 years of experience in the lighting industry. The company chose to work exclusively with LED light, and dedicate itself to the research, the analysis, and the application of this new technology with special attention to its numerous characteristics and benefits.
OLEV was the first brand to present a catalogue of designer lamps exclusively equipped with LED technology, suitable for any kind of interior - professional or residential. Marc Sadler’s new art direction reaffirms the company’s purpose of focusing on high quality, consolidating its position and even spreading outside the national borders. Efficient, sustainable, durable and environmentally friendly - OLEV’s selection of LED lighting is the perfect synthesis of advanced technology and unique design. The lighting solutions are highly versatile and allow for various combinations and applications. OLEV lighting fixtures adjust according to specific requirements and for this reason, they are easily employed in workspaces, retail, restaurants, hospitality and private homes. Whether it is spot or diffused, accent or soft lighting, OLEV products fit any setting, and they even transform it into a human-centered environment. Thanks to technical features like the adjustment of light intensity and colour temperature, OLEV LED lighting helps enhance human well-being.