Olev and Filippo Cannata bring the light of the future to Fuorisalone 2018

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The collaboration between Olev and the famous lighting designer continues during the most important week of world design.

From the 17th to the 22nd of April, Olev and Filippo Cannata will be present at Fuorisalone 2018 to talk about the lighting of the future and demonstrate the new technologies that create well-being with light, all within Inhabits, an exceptional exhibition adjacent to the Sforza Castle.

INHABITS is the new Milan Design Week exhibition dedicated to the most innovative housing solutions: a time capsule that offers a preview of the city and the home of the future.”

What will the lighting design of the future be like?

The Olev LED designer lamps will offer a glimpse: they will be presented inside the Inhabits Speech Arena, an area dedicated to thematic insights and meetings.

Advanced LED technologies integrated with home automation which vary the type of light emitted depending on the time of day and are designed with a single goal: to increase comfort and well-being for people in an environment.

Here are all the themes of the lighting of the future, which Olev is interpreting with new technologies integrated with modern designer lamps, under the expert guidance of Filippo Cannata.

The lighting of the future to improve atmosphere

In old halogen light bulbs, dimmer controls warmed the light as the intensity was lowered.

The light bulb emanated shades veering towards red and orange, creating pleasant, intimate, and relaxed atmospheres.

With the arrival of the first LED lamps, this effect seemed to be lost forever.

But thanks to the new technologies that Olev will present at Inhabits, the dimmers of the most modern design lamps and LED strips now make it possible to control the colour temperature with the same mechanism.  

Lowering the intensity creates a warm light which is ideal for homes, hotels, and restaurants and imitates the old halogen lamps by taking advantage of all the benefits of LED technology.

The dimmer is obviously also of the latest generation, always at your fingertips.

It is in fact controlled by a smartphone via Bluetooth, allowing users to create the perfect atmosphere from any location of the house or its surroundings with maximum comfort and efficiency.

The lighting of the future tuned to human rhythms

Several scientific studies have proven that remaining constantly immersed in the same light during the day without any variations offsets our biorhythms.

In the long run, this causes sleep disorders and even very serious diseases.

Every human being has an internal biological clock. This clock articulates the day depending on the light it receives from our eyes.

This cycle is called a “Circadian rhythm“, and ensures that we wake up when it is daytime and feel tired and sleepy after the sun sets.

Working or living mostly indoors, we are forced to compensate the lack of natural light with artificial light.

However, this type of lighting does not change during the day like the natural light we find outdoors. And this only disrupts the body, making us less alert during the day and less relaxed in the evening.

At Inhabits, Olev will present the LED lighting technology that makes it possible to adjust brightness based on the time of day.

This technology is oriented towards natural light and its variations, with the aim of increasing psycho-physical well-being by reproducing outdoor lighting conditions.

The lighting of the future to keep plants healthy

Light is essential for plant life.

The sun’s light triggers chlorophyll photosynthesis in plants, which converts carbon dioxide into oxygen and makes human life possible.

Today the most advanced LED technology makes it possible to perfectly reproduce sunlight with luminous devices designed for the healthy growth of plants.

This opens up numerous uses for obtaining thriving vegetation: whether for decorative purposes or to increase the profound sensation of well-being that only nature can give.

For example, it is possible to encourage the growth of plant species that add delightful fragrances to rooms or reduce domestic pollution.

Or specific lighting can be designed for gardens, creating majestic scenarios of green and vibrant colours.

By calibrating LED light and irrigation with the IoT and smart systems, vegetation is always lush, evocative, and curated both during the day and at night.

The lighting of the future and acoustic comfort


Sometimes restaurants have excellent food and furnishings but are so loud it is impossible to talk without shouting and straining your voice.

Acoustic comfort is one of the most neglected aspects in public places.

When opening a new restaurant, one thinks of the chef’s skill and an elegant location is planned, but the acoustics are often ignored.

The result is disastrous. Even if the visual and culinary experience is excellent, on the other hand, the physical discomfort caused by the excessive noise of a crowded place annoys customers.

You would never willingly return to a noisy locale where the high tones of voices echo in the rooms.

Commercial solutions to reduce noise levels exist, but they are often not very elegant and physically invasive. Classic sound-absorbing panels or the recently designed lamps covered with sound-absorbing materials are certainly not suitable for design furnishings.

At Inhabits Olev will present Exagon Silence Green, a state-of-the-art lighting solution that combines designer lighting and acoustic comfort technology.

Olev studies and illuminates the home of the future: the Biosphera 3.0 project

olev_illumina_biosphera (16)


Biosphera 3.0 is an innovative project that analyzes the relationship between a building enclosure and human physiology.

It is a perfectly autonomous living module, therefore it does not need to be connected to external energy grids.

Its internal spaces have been designed to allow for increased mental concentration, intellectual productivity, and psycho-physical energy. All this translates into more health and less stress.

In fact, human beings spend 70% of their time in confined environments.

If an environment cannot offer physical and emotional well-being, health pays the price, quickly worsening due to stress.

Biosphera 3.0’s objective is to develop indoor spaces with innovative design solutions that offer greater satisfaction, gratification, productivity, and absence of disease.

But exactly how is a state of well-being achieved within Biosphera?

Psycho-physical well-being is the result of the relationship with the surrounding environment. Biosphera optimizes all thermal, visual, acoustic, and air quality factors to bring the full sensory apparatus to maximum comfort.   

A network of universities, companies, and professionals from the fields of architecture, engineering, biology, and medicine is working on the project.

And in a home where well-being innovation is the key to understanding the entire project, special attention to visual comfort and the effect of light on the body certainly had to be included.

Olev and Filippo Cannata will be the Biosphera references for the development of LED lighting with the most advanced technologies, for dynamic light management and maximum respect for biorhythms.

Are you an architect or a design professional and are you interested in one of these innovative lighting technologies? Click HERE and get in touch with the Olev team.