OLEV announces its collaboration with Marc Sadler – the 2019 LED lamps collection will be signed by the 4-time winner of the Compasso d’Oro Award

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OLEV. Only LED, Only Design announces that the famous designer Marc Sadler is its new Art Director.

The winner of 4 Compasso d’Oro Awards will sign the brand new designer LED lamps collection, which will be created in Colceresa, Italy, where OLEV established its production base.

OLEV is the brand created in 2014 by Andrea Lanaro, an Italian entrepreneur that has been working in the lighting industry for 25 years.

Back then it was the first brand to present a catalogue of decorative lamps exclusively equipped with LED technology.


The collaboration with a design star like Marc Sadler is evidence of the impressive growth path that the brand is undergoing in order to take Made in Italy decorative and functional lighting across the national borders.


“Marc Sadler will know how to convey the OLEV lamps a unique and identifiable style,” said Andrea Lanaro.

“We want to create designer objects that add beauty to the environments, both in terms of aesthetics and in terms of feelings and emotions for the people that live in them”.

Sadler himself showed enthusiasm for the collaboration with a company that is so dynamic and open to experimentation:

“Designing for OLEV means following the two ‘souls’ of the company, which apparently seem antithetical, but in reality meet and combine in an extremely coherent pathway.

The purely technical soul, which however doesn’t disregard embellishing details, couples with the decorative soul, which has its strength in the research and attention to details.

Different souls, but with common threads that would delight everyone who, like me in this case, has the chance to orchestrate a unique image of the company that will display its real essence on the outside.

I took up this challenge with great interest given the impressive expertise on hand – Andrea’s knowledge in particular and his sincere and enthusiastic aptitude for experimenting new ways of “doing”: more and better.

A combination that will definitely amaze you!”


The newest OLEV creations signed by Sadler will be presented at Euroluce, where OLEV will be attending as an exhibitor for the first time. 
For more information, discover the creations of Marc Sadler

Pav. 15 | Stand G32

9-14 April 2019 
9.30 am – 6.30 pm
Open to the general public on Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 April

Milan Fairgrounds, Rho (Milan) ITALY

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