Pure BioAir

Pure BioAir

How does it work?

Pure BioAir is OLEV Made in Italy lamp for air sanitization.

Through an axial fan extraction system, the lamp sucks in the air, toward an UV-C ray source inside it.

UV-C rays are known for their effective germicidal power.

Air passes through the UV-C source and is sanitized from germs, bacteria and viruses.

Purified air is then sent back into the environment.

“How much” does it sanitize air?

Pure BioAir germicidal effectiveness on bacteria and viruses in the air is 99%.

It can extract and sanitize an air volume of a 30m³ in 8 operating hours.

Is it effective also against the ‘Covid-19’ virus?


The lamp has been tested on virus strains much more resistant to UV-C radiation than those responsible for the Sars-Cov-2 virus.

Has the lamp been tested?

Yes, the lamp has been subjected to lab tests by
Gelt International – Tecnal, analysis lab, according to the provisions set forth in technical Standard ISO15714:2019 – Method of evaluating the UV dose to airborne micro-organisms transiting in-duct ultraviolet germicidal irradiation devices.

OLEV Pure BioAir is available in 6 different metal finishes.

Is the lamp surface anti-bacterial?


 the paint is protected by a microincapsulated silver ion-based antibacterial transparent film, 99% effective against germs and bacteria.

Is it a lamp with LED technology?


The light necessary for the environment comes from a LED source with a very high colour rendering, located in the bottom of the lamp, which diffuses a downward light beam.



Is the lamp suitable for office or residential environments?​

Pure BioAir has been designed for offices in particular, because it offers an excellent visual comfort.

The downward LED has a very high colour rendering, and the diffusers in the bottom of the lighting body prevent glare from any observation point.

Is the lamp noisy?​

Absolutely not.

OLEV designed a very quiet air extraction fan system.

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Does the filtering system require maintenance?


Pure BioAir does not have any filter that needs to be changed.

Air is sanitized by the germicidal power of the UV-C light hidden inside the lamp, that does not need to be emptied or cleaned.

Is it dangerous for men?

Absolutely not.

OLEV designed a lamp structure which is 100% safe for humans, by encapsulating the UV-C rays into the lamp core, so that they never enter into contact with the outside.

How big is it?


What are the green plants for?

Tillandsia plants are an optional accessory.

They are smog-eating plants, and feed off the pollutants in the air, therefore increasing the lamp’s sanitizing power.

They are very resilient plants that do not require soil or special care: just wet the leaves every 15 days and place them in a sunny environment.

Plants can be sold only within the EU territory

How many lamp colours are available?

OLEV Pure BioAir is available in 6 different metal finishes.

Pure BioAir in the production