Soft and comfortable light in all the offices

The architect Massimo Broglio tells about his makeover for Officine Cartigliano Spa.

“The lamps used inside the working spaces are the pendants Retta, which I designed a few years ago for Olev. Entirely LED-based, this fixture grants both direct and indirect light, thanks to the double light emission. The minimal layout is highlighted by the metal
sheet with natural finishes and fits perfectly inside the whole environment.

To avoid chaotic overloading, we used Retta for its soft and comfortable light in all the offices, both operating and administrative, and in the conference rooms.”

The only exception is the hallways, illuminated by the Gavin pendant by Olev

The round shape breaks the pattern of the layout and makes the space feel more flowing and less aseptic. With this project we wanted to show that it is possible to create working spaces with strong esthetics and functional features also with a lower budget.

'Silicon valley' style for dynamic and creative office spaces

In these spaces, raw materials and highly-advanced lighting technologies co-exist and their combination fulfills the designer’s intention of creating an emotional wellbeing at the workplace.

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