OLEV. Only LED. Only Design.

Smart light that generates well-being

“soundabsorbing lamps, lamps that filter and purify the air, smart lamps..”


OLEV. Only LED, Only Design is an Italian brand of designer LED lighting fixtures.

The brand was created in 2014 by Andrea Lanaro, an entrepreneur who has been working in the lighting industry for more than 25 years.

OLEV was the first brand to launch a full range of LED-based decorative lamps.

We work closely with lighting designers, architects, and interior designers.

Our flexible production allows us to produce soundabsorbing lamps, lamps that filter and purify the air, lamps that reproduce the variation of natural light in a completely automatic way.

All OLEV’s lights are made in Italy, and the handmade finishes make for the unique Italian artisanal touch.

Beam Master - Spot binario

How could Light enhances people’s well-being?

Recent research has shown that light has a great effect on our mood and health.

A light that changes according to the time of the day or to your preferences can improve your energy.

It can decrease stress and depression.

In other words, a light tailored your needs and your physiology allows you to live a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Today LED lights allow us to build dynamic lighting systems , designed to improve comfort in every moment of your life.

“Create a light tailored to people’s needs, to improve well-being and heighten emotions”

Imagine waking up in the morning with a light that increases its intensity slowly to avoid bothering your eyes.

Then you go to work, and the light in the office makes you feel energetic and vital.

In the evening, when you come back home, a warm light welcomes you. It’s the perfect setting to enjoy dinner with your family.

And if you prefer going to the restaurant for a romantic date, the light at the table creates an intimate atmosphere.

These are only some of the wonderful uses of LED lighting.

Poly Plumage - Lampada a sospensionePoly Plumage - Lampada a sospensione

Blancnoir - Lampada a sospensioneBlancnoir - Lampada a sospensione

With LED technology and a professional lighting project you can:

  • changing the intensity of the light for the maximum visual comfort from your smartphone
  • connecting lighting to home automation , to light only where it’s needed
  • have a light that adjusts to the time of the day and to the external daylight, respecting your biological rhythms
  • request bespoke fixtures that improve comfort and enhance the appeal of your project

The era of the big chandelier hanging in the middle of the room is over.

OLEV is a brand at the forefront of lighting developing solutions that bring together technology, scientific studies on well-being and design.