What our customers say about us

“In a high-level restaurant, lighting design is essential”


Chef  Matteo Grandi,
Hell’s Kitchen winner,
Degusto restaurant owner, VI (Italy)

” OLEV’s lighting project managed to reveal the true colors of the food “

“For the best result in lighting a restaurant, you need the light to reflect the aesthetics of the dishes accurately. 

In addition to creating a comfortable space, OLEV’s lighting project managed to reveal the true colors of the food.”

CEO , ristorante Plenus Bistrò, Treviso – Italy

“I am very satisfied especially of the exposure of the company”

It wasn’t easy to create such an arrangement. I needed the right partner.  OLEV was an excellent partner, with regard to the development and also the economic factor of this project.

Andrea and his team managed to turn the initial idea into reality. I went to see a client in Brescia and he showed me the pictures of my office building on his iPad screensaver.

I was very much impressed.

The impact of this project was incredible, it promoted the image of the company greatly. Since I am not a lighting professional I couldn’t imagine such an outcome. I am very pleased first of all because there hasn’t been any kind of problems at all.

When you create something so unique and customised, the fear is that something doesn’t work the way it is supposed to. But I am very satisfied especially of the exposure of the company, which has been incredible.

Everybody everywhere knows us. Anyone who passes by notices the spectacular light arrangement – it may be the most original element we have around here. We deal with colours and the lighting design realised by Olev has really made the best of our brand identity.

Gunter Panozzo,
titolare di Univer 2000

” It was absolutely a success.”

“Our collaboration with OLEV, and more specifically with Andrea Lanaro, was absolutely a success.

The sensations that the guests perceive are the exact same ones that we wanted to deliver.

It’s precisely the feedback from our customers that makes us feel satisfied with the job we’ve done.

The light definitely exalts the dishes and besides, it provides more intimacy to each table, which is fundamental in a refined restaurant.”

 Laura Avogadri, manager, and Cristopher Carraro, star Chef,
Impronta Ristorante, Bassano del Grappa (VI)

“Lighting gives personality and style to our home”

We contacted OLEV about a year and a half ago to design the lighting for our home.

Our architect had already designed the lighting plan.

Together with OLEV’s lighting designers, who proved to be very competent, we reviewed the initial design and adapted it according to the specific lights chosen.

The delivery times were very fast, and the OLEV team always made themselves available for any communication with our electricians.

As the work progressed, we realized that the light in two of the rooms was not enough. 

The OLEV team promptly offered some excellent alternative solutions at no extra cost and without causing further discomfort.

Because of the excellent service, 2 months ago, we contacted OLEV again for the outdoor lighting. We were delighted with the result, the technical consultancy, and the lighting design project.

Now that the house is complete, I can say that the lighting makes it even more beautiful. Not only it enhances the furniture and creates patterns of light that improve the environment, but it also gives it personality and style.

Valentina B.
private villa in Thiene (Italy)

“A true lighting professional”

I chose OLEV, a young and dynamic company, for what it offers in terms of design, innovation, and value for money.

I needed to lower energy costs as much as possible and have the best possible light output.

Thanks to OLEV, I now have an excellent product, both in terms of aesthetics and materials.

Mattia, the designer who worked with me, is dynamic and very knowledgeable. I felt I was in great hands both in the sales phase and in customer service. He’s a true lighting professional.

Arch. Gloria Guidolin

“Beautiful and functional lamps”

I contacted OLEV because of a good reference. I was decorating the house, and I wanted something aesthetically pleasing, not just standard LED lights.

The final result was beautiful and functional lamps.

Mattia, the lighting designer who assisted me in making my decisions, was professional and helpful!

Camilla Serraiotto
Abitazione privata a Thiene (VI)

“I received valuable technical advice for the choice of the correct lamp.”

I chose OLEV on the advice of a colleague.

I was looking for a product with specific technical and aesthetic features, in terms of size and finish, and thanks to OLEV I found it.

The result was perfectly in line with my expectations.

Mattia, who followed my project, was definitely professional and helpful. 

He gave me valuable technical advice for the choice of the right lamp and immediately worked hard to solve a problem that was the result of a misunderstanding.

Arch. Elisa di Rienzo

“The light is uniform and well distributed inside the rooms.”

We chose OLEV because of the many positive experiences of friends and acquaintances.

We were looking for lighting solutions that were right for us.

We were very satisfied with the final result. The light is uniform and well distributed inside the rooms, and the lamps complement the furnishings without dominating.

Exactly what we were looking for!

Anna e Michele Mottin
Private villa in Salcedo (Italy)

“It’s a trustworthy company that makes collaboration with the designer profitable.”

I’m the owner of an interior design studio located in Chioggia (VE), which deals with turnkey residential projects.

I got to know the OLEV brand in 2013, during the renovation of a private home near their headquarters. The client told me that he already had a reference for lighting: that’s how I met Andrea Lanaro, OLEV’s CEO, and his team.

At the time, I was already a retailer of some well-known lighting brands, but in my residential projects I only used fluorescent and halogen products.

Thanks to OLEV, I entered the world of LED designer lighting. Since then, the OLEV products have been a fundamental part of my projects.

It is a trustworthy company, which thanks to the competence and professionalism of its team makes the collaboration with the designer pleasant and profitable

A special thanks to Eddy Corradin, who follows and collaborates with passion in all my projects.

Elisa Lionello
Interior Designer, Studio Grace House

“The final result is a warm and welcoming atmosphere in all rooms.”

On the advice of the company from which I purchased the furniture, for the lighting of my new home I contacted Andrea Lanaro, OLEV’s CEO.

Because of my job, I had little time to dedicate to the management of the lighting project. 

Andrea came in person to inspect the house and I immediately trusted him.

When choosing the lighting fixtures I was sure I didn’t want hanging chandeliers. Andrea understood my needs, and he offered alternative solutions that I could see at the OLEV showroom in Molvena.

The level of customer service offered by all the OLEV team during the project was higher than expected.

Andrea Dal Sasso ,
private villa in Bolzano Vicentino (Italy)

“The final result was very satisfying.”

We have just started a new adventure in Zanè, Italy: the new restaurant Macafame Caffè e Cucina.

On the advice of friends and technicians, we contacted OLEV for the lighting design and the selection of the lighting fixtures.

We wanted our new place to be welcoming, airy and bright at all hours of the day. Even in the kitchen, the light had to be warm and powerful without being too bright.

The result was very satisfying, both in terms of the LED blades and the lamps suspended at the bar counter. Making them from painted iron was the right choice.

Thanks to Andrea and congratulations to Marco for his assistance and professionalism.

Andrea, Carlo, Pietro Menegante
Restautrant in Zané (Italy)

“Customers are now amazed by the new space.”

When we decided to renovate the premises and the layout of our pharmacy we immediately understood that lighting would play a very important role in the design study.

More than once, in fact, it happened to us to observe beautiful spaces, with impeccably finished furniture and accessories but with insufficient lighting to the point of compromising the whole project and, consequently, the performance of the store.

Our desire, from the very beginning, was to create an environment with pleasant lighting that would emphasize the goods on the shelf.

The system created by OLEV, with the collaboration of Architect Broglio, allowed us to achieve an incredible result.

The light not only illuminates and enhances the shelf goods but also gives depth to an environment that seemed much smaller in the design and construction phase.

We can see the final effect on our customers’ faces: they were accustomed to the old store, and they are now amazed by the new space.

Giovanni e Maria Grazia Ceretta
Farmacia Pasubio, Schio (VI)

“A striking effect that I had never seen before”

My name is Roberto Bernazzoli.

I have just finished building my new winery on the hills of San Giorgio di Perlena in the Vicenza area in Northern Italy.

My winery is called “Le Vigne di Roberto”.

I wanted it to be traditional in content but with modern equipment that would make it as fresh and contemporary as my sparkling wines.

While I saw the building taking shape, one of my recurring thoughts focused on the lighting of the cellar. It had to be the right lighting: not too much but not too little.

My electrician suggested me to contact OLEV. 

I relied on Andrea, OLEV’s CEO. And I must say that the result is remarkable. The cellar is perfectly lit with LED lights creating a striking effect that I had never seen anywhere else.

The tasting corner is very elegant and the outdoors are correctly lit without dazzling from any position.

Andrea was able to understand my needs and provide me with the right LED products.


Roberto Bernazzoli
Le Vigne di Roberto

“The atmosphere is ideal for the restaurant, and the outdoor lights create a unique setting.”

I met Andrea, OLEV’s CEO, 8 years ago. I was building my new house and he supplied all the lamps.

I was so impressed by his professionalism that last year when I started working on my new restaurant’s renovation project I asked him back to inspect it.

The project was quite complex, as the place was really big.

From the beginning, Andrea’s proposal was to use only LED-based lighting. He explained to me the difference between Chinese and Italian-made LEDs and how to integrate them into a classic-style environment so that the lighting fixtures are not visible.

I’m a cook, so I relied on his experience.

I must say that I was more than satisfied with the final result. The atmosphere is ideal for a restaurant.

I was so satisfied that I also had him design all the hotel’s exterior and the entire food and beverage department. 

I had a very specific need for the exterior: I wanted all the lamps to change colour depending on the event in the evening.

Andrea was able to amaze me once again, creating a custom product just for my hotel. 


La Conchiglia d’Oro Vicenza

“The products stand out like never before, cutting ⅓ off the energy bills.”


The company Blue Martin GAS Store in Breganze, Italy, contacted OLEV for the new store’s lighting design project.

We needed a new lighting system to enhance the products, create an ideal and pleasant atmosphere for our customers, and last but not least, to save energy.

Olev’s proposal was to use LED lights with high colour rendering index to highlight the products’ and the fabrics’ characteristics and colours.

The final result was impressive. We got very positive feedback from our customers as well.

Thanks to the OLEV’s team lighting plan, the products on display in the shop stand out like never before.

The last note that has definitely won us over, is energy consumption. Just a few months later, we could cut ⅓ off the energy bills compared to the previous months.

So to confirm the calculations made during the design phase, in a span of 3 years we will have repaid in full the investment for the renovation.

This means that by spreading the cost of the initial expenditure, we will reduce the fixed costs and consequently increase our profits.

Thank you for the great work done, for your professionalism, your collaboration, and for making yourself always available.

Blue Martin GAS Store Breganze


Blue Martin

“Unique and exclusive custom lamps”

I first met Andrea, OLEV’s CEO, while working on a customer of mine’s new offices. He was already a customer of OLEV, as his company specializes in hospitality furniture solutions.

Since the very first moment, I was impressed by Andrea’s approach to the production of unique and exclusive custom lamps made to the architect’s exact specifications

Since then, I’ve only worked with OLEV.

Let me tell you a story.

I wanted to illuminate a furniture and curtain showroom I had designed with some big ceiling lights made from galvanized sheet steel measuring 1,50×0,50 mt, which had to be hold by steel cables.

Andrea installed some LED strip lights into these suspended steel blades, and he managed to hide all the electric cables and the power supplies. The final result was impressive.

Many lamps I’ve designed over the last few years have become part of the OLEV standard collection. Thanks to Andrea and OLEV, my ideas finally went from abstract concepts to commercial products.

Arch. Massimo Broglio

“Low-power consumption LED technology with high color rendering”

I’m a photography enthusiast. Therefore, for the design of my daughters’ hair salon, I knew that the colour temperature of light would have a significant impact on colour rendering. I knew that we had to put close attention to the choice of lighting fixtures.

The task from the very beginning was not easy. There was a massive choice of products on the market, and it was difficult to find knowledgeable consultants in lighting shops who could help us to solve our problem in a professional and affordable way.

When we contacted OLEV on the advice of a friend, we immediately realized that we had found the right person.

With great courtesy and competence, OLEV’s CEO Andrea Lanaro showed us a wide range of original and innovative and low-power consumption products based on the latest generation LED technology. And the OLEV products, compared to other types of lamps, proved to have a higher color rendering index.

When we turned on the system, we found that everything that Andrea had proposed during the design phase had become a beautiful reality

OLEV’s lighting design now allows us to work in an ideal way to ensure better quality to our customers. 

Thank you Andrea for “giving light” to our dream.

Pieremilio Ceccon

Rémy Camoin, Architect

It’s been a few years since I started collaborating with Olev.

I remember when I first met Andrea Lanaro, Olev’ CEO. I was working on the lighting design of a Club Med resort’s SPA in Napitia.

I wanted to make a big and exclusive ceiling light. It had to be original, unique, something never seen before. I drew it on a piece of paper and Andrea designed and built it.

This ceiling light was a huge success. It was entirely LED-based, even if at the time LED lighting was just at the beginning. Energy savings weren’t requested by clients.

Olev has always met my expectations as a designer, and my clients’ ones. When it comes to producing bespoke designer fixtures in a short amount of time, the Olev team and Andrea Lanaro know how to overcome technical and cost problems.