What our customers say about us

Rémy Camoin, Architect

It’s been a few years since I started collaborating with Olev.

I remember when I first met Andrea Lanaro, Olev’ CEO. I was working on the lighting design of a Club Med resort’s SPA in Napitia.

I wanted to make a big and exclusive ceiling light. It had to be original, unique, something never seen before. I drew it on a piece of paper and Andrea designed and built it.

This ceiling light was a huge success. It was entirely LED-based, even if at the time LED lighting was just at the beginning. Energy savings weren’t requested by clients.

Olev has always met my expectations as a designer, and my clients’ ones. When it comes to producing bespoke designer fixtures in a short amount of time, the Olev team and Andrea Lanaro know how to overcome technical and cost problems.