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How light affects people’s well-being

Have you ever wondered how sunlight varies throughout the day?

At dawn, it’s purple and soft.

Around noon it becomes very bright - or rather white - and very intense.

At sunset, it turns towards the warm tones of yellow, orange and red, and is subtle.

​​​​​​​Science has shown that replicating the cycle of natural light through modern artificial lighting systems has beneficial effects on people’s biological rhythms.

Simply put, a light that reproduces that of the sunset will make us feel more relaxed.

On the other hand, a light such as the one at midday will boost concentration.

Variation of natural light’s range naturale within 24hrs

Using LED technology, OLEV develops lighting fixtures that adjust the light to the time of day, the environment, and the specific activities performed in the spaces.

From the living room of a house to the workplace, OLEV’s lighting for well-being satisfies the psycho- physical needs of people in the same way sunlight would.


The light for well-being at any time of the day

Biolight is the OLEV technology that reproduces the variation of natural light in a completely automatic way.

Thanks to Biolight, you can have the light that best suits your psycho-physical needs at any time of day.

lamp used: Exagon Silence Biolight


The Dim to Warm technology allows you to control the colour temperature of the light and its intensity at the same time.

Reducing the intensity through the dimmer of the lighting fixture generates a warm light ideal for homes, hotels, and restaurants.

Just like the old halogen lamps, but with all the advantages of the most advanced LEDs.

And this is not just about designer lamps: OLEV is the only brand to have implemented the Dim to Warm technology in LED strips as well.

The light effects and mood settings that can be combined in an environment are virtually infinite.

Warm light with the traditional cozy glow

lamp used in the video: Poly Esagono Dim To Warm


The ideal light that adjusts automatically

Active is the OLEV technology that automatically adjusts the intensity of artificial light based on the amount of natural light available in the environment.

Thanks to Active, you can have an artificial light tailored precisely to your functional requirements at any time of day.

lamp used: Mercedes Active


Tunable White technology allows separate control of colour temperature and light intensity.

Unlike Dim to Warm, with Tunable White, you can lower or increase the intensity while maintaining the same colour temperature, or vice versa.


lamp used: Stage Horizontal Silence


From bright to soft lighting - here are the control solutions for all your lighting needs

Wi-fi systems allow you to control light via apps for smartphones, tablets, or smartwatches.

Thanks to Bluetooth technology, it is possible to install lighting fixtures equipped with lighting technologies for the well-being, without modifying the system in any intrusive way.

WIFI smartphone


OLEV sound-absorbing lamps ensure proper lighting and at the same time, reduce surrounding noise.

Through special sound-absorbing materials, they combine the visual comfort of light with acoustic comfort for the best possible well-being.

All this with the personality of a refined design element, which decorates the room in an elegant way.

Designer lighting that absorbs noise

lamp used: Eclipse Nuance Silence