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Pepito is a path light designed to illuminate the way with style.

Imagine a line of sparkling, precious gemstones guiding you down the path with their unmistakable glitter: this is how Pepito looks, a “golden nugget” installed directly into the ground and beautifully lining the walkway.

Pepito’s multifaceted casing is achieved through CNC machining, resulting in a unique shape that can withstand outdoor elements.

But the real magic happens when the light is switched on. The downward light beam directs light to the ground, ensuring safe navigation through the yard and preventing glare.



Lo Studio Mammini-Candido

Lo Studio Mammini Candido di Letizia Mammini e Valeria Candido nasce nel 2003 unendo competenze creative diverse. Lo Studio Mammini Candido si occupa di Graphic design, Exhibition design, Product design, Lighting design e Art design.

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