OLEV_sala_pioggia_aquaria (5)_centro_benessere_illuminazione_spa_pioggia

Aquaria Thermal SPA in Sirmione (Italy)

Watch the video that reveals the project

Here’s how OLEV brought Arch. Elena Ogna’s ideas to life to illuminate a top wellness retreat in Sirmione with unique, bespoke lights.

OLEV_sala_pioggia_aquaria (5)_centro_benessere_illuminazione_spa_pioggia

The project

The project uses the SPA’s areas to represent the stages of thermal water’s long journey.

A journey that begins with the rain falling on Mount Baldo, then flows inside it and is enriched with minerals.

The aim of the lighting project developed in collaboration with OLEV was to recall these natural elements to create a unique atmosphere.


From a sketch on paper to unique lamps

OLEV built all the lamps from plexiglass, which is very resistant to corrosion and makes them extremely durable.

Using the plexiglass OLEV managed to produce and bring to life those ideas that initially were only a sketch on paper. 

In the rain room, a myriad of long and thin lighting elements replicate the cozy feeling of being in a mild autumn day’s gentle rain. 

sala_pioggia_aquaria (2)

All the lighting fixtures were made from scratch, exclusively for this project.

In the salt room, the lamps with their vivid colors and broken shapes resemble precious minerals embedded in the rock. 


The lighting provides the customer with a soothing and unforgettable experience

The light is soft and comfortable, without any glare. 

The customer can immerse themselves in a rejuvenating experience, which they can only live at Aquaria.

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