OLEV_salone_fabris (6)_illuminazione_salone_bellezza_capelli_parrucchiere_faretti_incasso_luce

High lighting's color rendering

In the new “I Fabris” Hair Salon, designed by MAM Architetti and illuminated by OLEV, the lighting’s color rendering was the key to a successful project

(the ability of artificial light to render colours in the same way as natural light).


OLEV_salone_fabris (7)_illuminazione_salone_bellezza_capelli_parrucchiere_faretti_incasso_luce

Colors and nuances

“The different colours, nuances, and hairstyles of their clients are the focus of the whole business. 

We couldn’t risk compromising the colour rendering with bad lighting.

says Project Manager,
Architect Riccardo De Cani.

We used recessed spotlights and LED profiles with a colour rendering index over 90

The high quality of the lighting fixtures ensures that the colours inside the salon appear the same as they do in daylight.


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