La Rosina – Hotel in Marostica (Italy)


Light that guides the guest

The lighting inside this narrow place guides the guest towards an actual discovery.

From the threshold of the entrance hall, a recessed ceiling LED strip gives movement and three-dimensionality to one of the side walls enriched with the rosin.

A couple of steps inside and the Ildflue Lamps light up – literally called Fireflies, these stainless steel and copper lamps designed by
Ricardo Lunardon have a coat of wine paint.

Together with Olev, we studied the visual and light effect and we chose crown silver LED light bulbs. The 2700 K colour temperature makes the rust on the tubes appear warm and vibrant.

Few recessed optics spotlights mounted on the counter-ceiling create a feeling of a light which is almost impossible to tell where it comes from, but nevertheless guides the guests as they walk in.


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