ECLIPSE_NUANCE_SILENCE (1)_OLEV_cover_lamp_suspension_sospensione_LED_fonoassorbente

Eclipse Nuance Silence

Watch the video that reveals the product

From the collaboration between the OLEV brand and the famous designer Marc Sadler, an exclusive sound-absorbing lamp is born.

Eclipse Nuance Silence is a decorative LED pendant light, which adds a third feature to a refined design and focused light.

Thanks to the micro-perforated sheet with reduced thickness, a new material in the field of lighting, the lamp absorbs the noise inside the environment in which it is installed.

Eclipse Nuance Silence belongs to an entire collection of OLEV designer lamps developed to combine the comfort of optimal lighting with the sense of well-being deriving from acoustic comfort.

The beam of the spotlight is attenuated by the shaded glass sphere that contains it.



Marc Sadler

French citizen born in Austria, Marc Sadler currently lives in Milan. Experimentation with plastics has often formed a key part of his acivity. He already showed a strong curiosity for the subject choosing it for his thesis at ENSAD in…