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BISTRÓ MAMÁ – Padua (Italy)

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Restaurant interior design: more personality thanks to dynamic lighting

Gianluca Lamorte and Massimo Marin from Ted Design 89 have told about the Bistrò Mamà lighting design project developed in collaboration with OLEV.

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Dynamic lighting technologies were the most distinctive feature for the interior design of the new Bistrò MáMá in Padua.

“Bistrò MáMá is busy during the day and in the evening.

That’s why we wanted to illuminate it so that it would be possible to create settings that are radically different from each other.

So a lot of light during the day and a focused and soft light during the evening to complement the delicious specialties served at the bistrò.”

Light reflects onto the shapes

“A peculiarity of the interior design is the “designer tableware” bas-reliefs on the walls, framed in a unique artwork.

Entirely coated in white enamel, they are illuminated by white OLEV Cylinder spotlights.

Light reflects onto the shapes, and thanks to the texture of the elements, it creates new patterns and shadow effects.

The colours of the lamps alternate between warm white and warm black (a very deep dark brown), just like the tones of the interiors.”

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The OLEV Beam Stick Nuance pendant lamps

The OLEV Beam Stick Nuance pendant lamps stand out from the rest of the environment.

Thanks to the six different colour combinations, they add character to the setting.

The LED bars illuminate and frame the inside of the bar counter and the vertical green walls made of raw iron – a truly original installation.”

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