Medic Center Boscolo-Bielo – Venice (Italy)


Finding the right lighting solutions for a medical facility

Lighting plays a fundamental role in medical facilities.

Before and during a doctor’s visit, people often experience higher levels of stress: nobody would want to stay in a reception area or in an examination room with a cold and impersonal atmosphere!

Successful lighting

Lighting should be designed to relax and reassure patients. 

But, at the same time, the lighting designer should take into account the staff’s needs. 

In a nutshell, the key to a successful lighting plan in a medical facility is designing different types of lighting so that light always suits people’s specific needs.

This project has been carried out in collaboration with Studio TEZA, and Architect Giancarlo Bonato has told us about the facility’s lighting plan.


The project

“Lighting had to ensure adequate lighting for the workstations even when the external lighting conditions changed.

This was especially important.

In the examination rooms, the OLEV Activesword pendant lamp illuminates the desk.


Lounge area

“A white marble ceiling was created for the top floor cafeteria, and Plorit Pt floor lamps were placed at the corners.

The light is reflected onto the ceiling, and it falls on the Venetian flooring and on the furnishings.”

The gym

“We concealed OLEV’s LED profiles into the structural beams to illuminate the environment in a diffused way without adding further elements to the space.”


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