Balanced space, which delivers a feeling of well-being and relaxation

This is how Forme di Luce created an enchanting and inviting atmosphere in the tasting area of the Farina winery with very short time available.

The historic Farina winery, which has been taking care of the classic Valpolicella vineyards for more than 100 years, wanted to welcome the numerous guests in a specific space dedicated to tasting.

Following the renovation of an area adjacent to the production halls, a wide open space is created, where evocative stone walls and wood beams complement each other as well as the modern decor.

A constellation of light rings in the tasting area

For the spaces dedicated to the tasting tables, the lighting design project favored the well-being and the visual comfort of the guests.

Gavin pendant lamps illuminate the tables, creating a pleasant atmosphere which is ideal for wine tasting.

Olev Gavin:: their elegant shapes and the dynamic placement add a modern touch to the space, which seems even wider thanks to the light reflected on the large windows right next to the tables.

BlancNoir pendant lamps outline the show-cooking area

Above the elegant steel island, the BlancNoir pendant lamps stand out with their 4 different shapes and matte black finishes.

The minimal but still sophisticated design frames the show-cooking area.

It almost looks like a stage where you can observe the chefs preparing delicious meals that can be paired perfectly with the Farina wines.

Grazing and dramatic light on the stone wall

A single LED strip follows the entire wood beam dominating the stone wall, hidden on its internal side and therefore invisible to the eye.

The grazing light of the LED profile gently caresses the rough stones creating fascinating contrasts between light and shadows.

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