High-fashion materials decorate the new company building

Architects Daniele Sperotto, Francesca Sinicato and  Stefano Marcante, from Architect.Mine tell us about the lighting project featuring Olev lamps designed for the Spea company building.

The new location of Spea, a company providing leather to many high fashion clothing brands, rises from the renovation of an old industrial building from the 80s.

The client wanted minimal design settings, where the products themselves would be the main focus and would decorate the spaces with their many different materials and colours.

The major challenge for the lighting design

The challenge presented to the lighting design was to illuminate the leather without altering its colours. For this reason, various lighting fixtures and different light temperature were tested, to find the perfect ones that didn’t affect the perception of the hues.

The best choice was to use adjustable ceiling LED Spot Lights with raw iron finishes, which could illuminate the couture pieces in a delicate and functional manner.

The spotlights can even be adjusted to fit different exhibition layouts, meeting the owners’ need for flexibility.

Intense and smooth light accompanies the guests to the first floor

Acorn – LED pendant lamps by Olev – illuminate the stairs with an intense and smooth light, which guides the guests to the first floor.

The black finish recalls the colour of the wall and the parapet. The space gains movement from the placement of the lamps at different levels, while the wires intertwine on the ceiling and on the wall, drawing unique shapes.

Efficiency and visual comfort at the office desk

When planning the lighting scheme for a workplace, one of the main things to consider is to avoid blinding light.

Above the office desk, the upward and downward light beams from Olev Elle grant efficiency and utmost visual comfort.

Computer desks - comfort for busy eyes

For the computer desks, it was essential to provide the proper ambient lighting, without blinding.

The LED pendant lamps placed above the desks ensure that the employees are comfortable during the entire workday, surrounded by a light that increases concentration and productivity.

Minimal design pendant lamps illuminate the conference room

Inside the conference room, the warm colour of the oak flooring creates a pleasant contrast with the cold materials and the strong personality of the finishes.

Retta, LED pendant lamps with a minimal style are the perfect choice that fills the room with smooth light.

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