VILLA CLASSICA in Vicenza (Italy)



Simone Andrighetto tells about his prwoject for an elegant home inside a historical building in Vicenza, where the classical style has been reimagined in a contemporary way thanks to the modern designer lighting by OLEV.

The common thread in this harmonious coexistence is the light.

The house is located inside a historical building right in the centre of Vicenza.

The client wanted to exploit the mansion with a classical and elegant mood, but at the same time to add some modern elements so that the whole style didn’t look outdated.

The common thread in this harmonious coexistence is the light.

A spacious living room with retro charm

In the spacious living room a soft and dimmed light, never too bold, touches gently the classy furnishings with retro vibes.

The lighting is mostly recessed and mounted on plasterboard, with a clean look, almost invisible as it is covered and painted in the same colour of the walls and the refined boiserie.

OLEV’s Gavin pendant lamps have been placed above a design icon – the exclusive table by Carlo Scarpa.

With their round shape they introduce the curves into the ambiance, conveying a sense of sober elegance.

Strength and modern style in the kitchen

In the kitchen the modern essence emerges from the colour

The steel kitchen is the undoubted protagonist, while
the Pipe metal ceiling lights by OLEV, custom-made with a new substantial length, communicate strength and modernity.

Again, the round motif can be found in the kitchen in the shape of the stools and the mirrors by Minotti.

Reflected light in the daylight bathroom

In the daylight bathroom, a custom monolith projects its light towards the wall.

The result is a reflected, soft light which never blinds the eyes from the entrance.

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