Private home in Treviso (ITALY)

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Unconventional lighting for a designer home

Sergio, the owner of this classy designer home had very clear ideas about how the lighting had to look like:

For the illumination of my new home, I wanted something that belonged to me, to my mood and my taste.

So, something very clean but at the same time unconventional and nevertheless with great rendering.

The satisfaction for the success of the final outcome is due to seeing his own ideas come to life and to the customer service of Olev during all the steps of the project:

I am extremely satisfied because the company understood immediately my taste and what I was looking for. We found out from the beginning that we were on the same page, in tune with everything that needed to be done.
Andrea followed me step by step in both the design and the realisation.

The progressive installation of the lights arose in the owner increasing emotions as the home gradually took shape: From the small spotlights, all of them dimmable, to the lights of the bathroom, to the recessed lights… It was a c hain of emotions developing as we saw our home being built.

Let’s see then which lighting solutions Olev proposed for this designer home decorated with great style and taste.

Recessed LED profiles for a clean and modern light

The indoor lighting is characterised by an almost exclusive use of recessed LED profiles, creating a sensation of “light cuts” perfectly
integrated into the architecture of the house and its decor.

Staff beads and skirtings marked by LED profiles, light under the steps: the entire light arrangement recalls the structure of the house with its pure and minimal lines.

The lights are all recessed so that during the day they seem to disappear and at night they light up transforming completely the spaces in a fascinating and inspiring ambience.

A thin light beam illuminates the underground cellar

The underground cellar is the most unique element in the living room. It is an actual “secret room” dug under the living room floor, exposed
only by a glass trapdoor which opens on a spiral staircase.

An invisible spotlight recessed in the living room ceiling illuminates the trapdoor with an extremely thin light beam.

The light reveals a glimpse of the finest wines stored in this original cellar, creating a strong impression
on the guests.

Decorative light above the living room table

The only decorative light fixtures are the 3 Poly Esagono pendant lamps above the living room table.

With their unique geometry they certainly are the ideal lamps that add character to the environment without undermining the clean and essential design of the house.

Indirect light in the bedroom for utmost visual comfort

The bedroom is illuminated by two vertical LED profiles which project their light on the opposite side of the bed so that they never blind the viewer.

On the two sides of the bed, the light comes from minimal wall sconces leaving the bedside tables completely clear.

Also, the upward and downward diffused light never bothers the
eyes before going to sleep.


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