Light accentuates bespoke details in a villa on the French Riviera

In a new villa located in the mountains, OLEV lighting enhances exclusive environments where every single detail has been made to measure.

Nicoletta Reginato tells the story of this interior design project, made unique by its high level of customization.

The location

In a valley surrounded by the mountains of the Côte d’Azur, rises a new villa where every single detail has been designed and made to measure. 

Furniture, finishes, colors, fabrics: everything was tailor-made so that the final result would be up to the expectations of the customer.

OLEV designer lighting and the study of the light scheme participate in exalting the very high level of customization, also marked by the dynamic LED technology that allows changing the atmosphere in the same environment.  

Hidden spotlights and built-in light sources illuminate the fascinating exposed beams

A characteristic feature of the external porch and the large open plan kitchen-living room is the use of exposed beams.

In the porch with sloped beams, the lighting is provided by hidden spotlights. 

The light is reflected on the ceiling, accentuating the beams, and the observer perceives the light effect without seeing the source.

Hidden spotlights and built-in light sources illuminate the fascinating exposed beams

A similar effect is achieved in the open-plan, thanks to built-in light sources at both ends of the horizontal beams.

In addition to the undisputed charm of the arrangement, this type of lighting ensures the highest visual comfort at all times of the day.


The master bathroom becomes a regenerating space, thanks to its high visual comfort

In the bathroom of the villa, direct and indirect light sources were combined in a balanced way.

The spotlights integrated into the architecture provide general lighting, while the wall sconces installed above the mirror diffuse upward and downward indirect light without glare.

The vast space in the room and the care for visual comfort make the bathroom a truly regenerating place.

OLEV_piscina_esterno (2)_scot

Outdoor lighting reflects the villa on the water of the pool

In the evening, an enchanting effect is created outside the house.

With the dark silhouette of the mountains in the background, the outdoor lighting on the first floor is reflected in the pool water, creating a perfect mirror image of the villa. 

It’s an awe-inspiring view in the warm summer evenings spent together with friends on the deckchairs by the pool.

Light curtains for the ideal atmosphere in the cinema

In the home cinema room, the lighting has been integrated into the curtains. 

It was not possible to install lights on the ceiling, as it is a sound-absorbing ceiling designed to ensure maximum acoustic comfort during the screening of a film.

However, this lighting solution creates the ideal atmosphere in the cinema room, thanks to an indirect light that will never upset the eyes or create reflections on the screen.


Technical lighting in the private gym for a safe workout

In the private gym, there is a variety of tools and machines so you can take care of your physical condition without ever having to leave the house.

Olev Little Box spotlights with a more technical feature provide bright and uniform lighting, to make sure you can use the training equipment in complete safety.


Exposed wires in the vinery evoke images from the sailing world

The design of the winery has been studied in great detail to evoke images from the sailing, the client’s huge passion. 

The handrails of the staircase almost look like a stay from a boat, the rope which protects the crew from accidental falls. 

The lighting is provided by the OLEV Vintage pendant lamps, which drop down to the center of the room and fill the space. 

The exposed wires that run through the ceiling and walls are a specific aesthetic choice, to bring to mind the significant number of ropes used in navigation.

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