Exclusive villa with pool – Vicenza (Italy)



Following a maintenance intervention in the garden of a villa in Vicenza (Italy), an exclusive outdoor area with a swimming pool was created, where classical style and modern design merge in a unique combination.

The lighting arrangement designed by Olev with colourful lights is worthy of a movie setting.

Invisible light for the exclusive classical-style marble gazebo

The proper illumination of the table is ensured by LED spotlights, which diffuse a warm white light in the whole gazebo area.

A uniform and lively light, designed precisely to create the right atmosphere for a summer dinner with friends and family.

All the spotlights are recessed, completely invisible so that they highlight the lines of the structure leaving its classical elegance intact.

Classical style combined with the vivid colours of the RGBWhite LEDs

The reference to the classical style is even more explicit in the reproductions of Canova’s Venuses and the decorative blocks of marble with arched niches sculpted on the surface.

Every arch is illuminated on the inside with custom RGBWhite LED spotlights, as well as the vegetation between the blocks of marble and the swimming pool.

Each spotlight alternates vivid hues of light blue, magenta, green and yellow, in a symphony of colours, directed to perfection.

Colourful automatic light arrangements, customisable at any time

The RGBWhite spotlights create a Hollywood vibe, turning the whole outdoor area into the setting of a movie.

An exclusive combination to surprise the guests during summer evenings spent sipping cocktails on the classy designer seats poolside.

Colourful automatic light arrangements, customisable at any time

This system allows even someone who is not an expert to set up colourful and unique light arrangements.

The client can experiment with the magic of coloured lights at any time, adjusting the hues to his own taste. Or he can merge himself in the setting designed specifically for the entire outdoor area.

Thanks to the lighting, the vines acquire always different colours from the marble arched niches, creating constant chromatic combinations with the water of the pool and the waterfall.

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