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Wonderful garden in Bassano (ITALY)

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The secret light of the olive trees - how OLEV lighting created a magical atmosphere in this wonderful garden

In a spacious garden full of lush vegetation near Bassano, the only thing missing was a lighting design capable of making it flourish also at night. Andrea Lanaro explains how OLEV was able to exploit the amazing charm of the nature and create a breathtaking green area.

We are in Bassano del Grappa, on the banks of the river Brenta. A wonderful garden, rich with olive trees, cork oaks, ancient plants, and fascinating flower arrangements. A garden where the only thing missing was a lighting design ambitious enough to make it even more perfect.


To better appreciate the beauty of a night walk, it was necessary to design a lighting scheme that could exploit all the details in the leaves of the olive trees and the cork oaks.

These very little leaves create amazing light effects, with countless details, almost like a kaleidoscope.

Wisely placed to illuminate from the ground upwards, the light sources are invisible to the eye and make the garden appear magical also at night.


The vegetation hides the light sources for the highest visual comfort

The bushes and the pine trees all over the property were the ideal place to hide the light sources.

Behind the shrubs or among the leaves, a series of spotlights illuminate every dark corner in the garden. This way, the end result is a diffused light, even though the lighting fixtures are placed in specific locations.

An example is the wonderful flower bed illuminated by Zoe.

Zoe is a thin steel straw, decorated on top with a milled aluminum leaf painted in a  bronze-colour, which blends perfectly in the flower bed. A little light ghost to accentuate the beauty of the flowers.


A summer dinner turns into an evening at a starred restaurant

Under the porch, an invisible spotlight provides the ideal light for a summer dinner with friends.

The light beam doesn’t spread beyond the table, so that the guests can admire the inspiring beauty of the garden throughout the entire dinner.

An elegant and delightful ambience, just like an evening at a starred restaurant.

The lighting continues on the entire property, connecting the house to the outdoor area.


Dramatic lighting respectful of the balance of Nature

A fundamental step in the project was providing a solution for the illumination of single areas in the garden.

The client wanted to create special scenarios for different situations. The light in the outdoor area is not flat and uniform, instead it was designed to build the ideal scenery for any occasion, also thanks to the high colour rendering of the LEDs.

The care for the setting goes along with the attention to the well-being of the vegetation.

The LED selection contains a specific kind of phosphorus, which leaves unaltered the natural balance of bushes, flowers, and any plants.



A safe passage to discover the wonderful garden

The driveway is illuminated by OLEV Spread, stainless steel lamp ports with a corten rust finish.

Also in this case, the light sources blend in with the bushes on the sides of the road.



The light is pointed towards the ground, illuminating the entire driveway, without however glaring the guest that come in or out. The safety of the passage is always ensured for both drivers and walkers.

The driveway opens to a parking area, the perfect starting point for the discovery of this wonderful garden. Spotlights illuminate the whole space with a more diffused light, revealing the size and extension of the surrounding bushes.

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