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I segreti per illuminare un ristorante di classe

Memorable light in a Michelin-starred restaurant

In this classy environment, the OLEV designer lighting contributes to making the guests’  experience unforgettable.

This is the lighting design created for the exclusive restaurant Impronta in Bassano del Grappa.

A few steps from the Ponte Vecchio in Bassano del Grappa, rises the restaurant Impronta.

A dream came true for Laura Avogadri, manager, and Cristopher Carraro, star Chef, who presents delicate and irresistible flavours in a location where all the details were studied with great care.

The lighting had to create an ideal atmosphere that could make any refined dinner unforgettable. For this reason, Laura and Christopher chose from the very beginning toilluminate only the tables.

“The restaurant Impronta is the dream of a lifetime for Christopher and I”. tells Laura.

“And to realize this dream at best, it was essential that the light was focused on the tables.

The light needed to complement Christopher’s dishes and at the same grant the guests a delightful experience. A warm hug, something to remember.”

The spaces inside the restaurant are the result of a renovation project. It was necessary to design a lighting scheme from scratch, so obviously, they had to turn to the expertise of lighting professionals.

“We started from nothing with the renovation of this place. In the beginning, the environment was rough and unpolished, we needed to find a way to illuminate it at best, so we entrusted OLEV with this task.”

What they achieved in the end, with professional lighting design, embodies exactly the atmosphere that Laura and Cristopher wanted, and the guests’ seem to all agree:

“Our collaboration with OLEV, and more specifically with Andrea Lanaro, was absolutely a success.”

The sensations that the guests perceive are the exact same ones that we wanted to deliver. It’s precisely the feedback from our customers that makes us feel satisfied with the job we’ve done.”


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Thanks to the light focused on the tables, the food experience combines with the feeling of an intimate and private space:

“The light definitely exalts the dishes”, says Cristopher, “and besides, it provides more intimacy to each table, which is fundamental in a refined restaurant.”

OLEV technology also allows to adjust the light according to specific requirements throughout the day:

“This technology gives us the opportunity to play with different scenarios, transforming them based on the light indoors or outdoors.

Together with Andrea, we set some light schemes, so that we can change the atmosphere in various situations. Without even noticing, the guests are embraced by a light with a different tone.”

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Modern and elegant design for a classy decor

OLEV  Tubes and Eye Track spotlights with Rich Gold finishes, project the light beam only towards the centre of the tables.

Thanks to their modern and elegant design, they are the ideal choice for the refined, but yet minimal decor of Impronta.


High colour rendering enhances the flavours

In order to illuminate the dishes accentuating the fresh ingredients and the incredible care put into the presentation, it was fundamental to use lighting fixtures with a high Colour Rendering Index.

Thanks to the most advanced LED technology of the OLEV lamps, the colours of the foods appear vibrant and bright.

The light completes the sensory experience of the guests, enhancing the flavours of the dishes.

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