Scenic details in a made-to-measure house

Architect Mirco Trentin talks about the project for a newly built private home. Inside the spaces, tailored to the specific requirements of the owners, OLEV lighting creates inspiring scenic details.

The project had to present a bespoke solution for a newly built single-family home, located on the first floor of an apartment building in the suburbs of Vicenza.

The clients wanted their brand new home to be “tailored” to them, with environments designed according to their specific needs and made-to-measure spaces.

The lighting design was studied since the beginning and considered a fundamental element of the entire project, capable of highlighting the combinations of colours and materials of the decor.

An astonishing scenic effect in the living area

The living area is the heart of the house, also thanks to an impressive ceiling with exposed sloped beams.

The light projected onto the beams spreads in the environment, granting the utmost visual comfort, and at the same time creating a dramatic light effect.

The addition of a screen with the image of a forest emphasizes the scenic nature of the environment, also accentuated by the perfect lighting framing the wall.

The fitted wall creates different light patterns

The long fitted wall, including a boiserie with a double line of lighting, increases the space perception in the living area.

The LEDs placed behind the fitted wall allow for different lighting patterns, changing from bright lights to softer lighting at any time.

The installation and the ventilation system become decorative elements

Lighting fixtures were added to the walls covering the controlled mechanical ventilation system (VMC) and the installation.

With the light spreading from the drywall, the suspended ceilings, and the boiserie, the living room acquires new decorative elements that create fascinating effects.


7 OLEV Cylinder pendant lamps provide functional light for the kitchen

In the open plan kitchen and living room, an elegant sequence of 7 OLEV Cylinder pendant lamps illuminate the entire kitchen island and the adjacent dining table with functional light.

Thanks to the Iron finishing, the lamps add their personality to the decor, while the downward light projection assists in the preparation of the meals, providing uniform lighting, without any shadows.

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