Minimal lighting illuminates the new modern style of the hotel

A significant renovation of the Golf Hotel Vicenza has resulted in the creation of new spaces with a modern style, elegant but still on-trend. Enrico Zola tells the story of the project, characterized by minimal lighting that only reveals what is necessary.

The new spaces of the Golf Hotel Vicenza are the result of a general renovation of the building, with a few structural expansions and a complete restyling of the interior and exterior. 

The hotel management wanted to give the hotel a more contemporary image worthy of the 4 stars displayed. 

The aesthetic that characterizes the new look of the Golf Hotel is a contemporary style, with sober colors. 

Designed for a business target and golfers visiting the course adjacent to the hotel, it offers a comfortable atmosphere with warm hues that complement the wooden finishes perfectly.

The decorations blend into the solid-colour surfaces used as backdrops, which become sceneries to be filled in. 

A dramatic effect welcomes the guests at the entrance

The lighting of the new facade contributes to making a strong impression on the guests upon their arrival at the hotel.

The dramatic effect was achieved through specific lighting solutions, such as lights integrated into the steps and recessed floor spotlights at the bottom of the exposed brick walls.

The upward lighting of the brick walls is also echoed in the interior, creating fascinating effects of light and shadow.


The choice of OLEV lighting has contributed significantly to this global effect, thanks to lighting fixtures with a minimal design. 

The light only accentuates specific details and is never too bright. Everything else can be glimpsed, perceived as a nuance.

Moreover, by incorporating LEDs into existing structures, it was possible to illuminate the new spaces while maintaining a clean and linear architecture.

A balanced mix of direct and indirect light in the spacious restaurant area

In the wide restaurant area, a balanced mix of direct and indirect light ensures the perfect atmosphere for a dinner where to enjoy refined food.

The OLEV Pipe ceiling lights are designed to illuminate the tables from above so that the guests can see clearly what they are eating.

In the background, recessed spotlights project light onto the columns and curtains and provide general lighting with high visual comfort.  

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