Walkway connecting – Gruppo Amer (ITALY)

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A path towards a bright future - how a steel walkway became the symbol for the success of Amer Spa

Completely customizable unique light effects transform the walkway connecting to a new industrial establishment into a signature feature, which the clients and the residents can recognize and admire.

Following a quick expansion, the Amer Spa company located in Valdagno decided to extend its establishment.

A new modern glass building now rises next to the original one and they are connected through an external walkway.

So the walkway is not just a passage from one building to another, but instead it is the symbol of the company’s path towards long-lasting success.


From here came the idea to enrich this construction with a lighting scheme that would create a distinctive feature, capable of making the new establishment unique.

Thanks to the design by OLEV, as soon as the dark embraces the hills in Valdagno, this original setting, where intense light tones alternate, emerges and is displayed to be admired from all the surrounding area.


Built-in lighting fixtures for a modern style

The perfectly choreographed LED lighting turns on to stage an unforgettable show with different lights and colours.

The lighting fixtures above and under the walkway are identical.

The one underneath serves as a step light, while the one above projects the light on the opal glass, creating the effect of diffused light.



Spectacular customizable light effects thanks to RGBWhite LEDs

The entire lamp is in milled aluminum, covered by a 310 stainless steel casing for marine use, to ensure the utmost protection from weather conditions.

The lighting fixtures are completely integrated in the main construction and appear invisible to the eye, maintaining the modern style of the steel and glass building



Both lighting fixtures are equipped with made-to-measure RGBWhite LEDs, connected with only 2 wires, thanks to an innovative technology which also allows to minimize the volumes.

The RGBWhite LEDs are managed through a DMX controller, which is used to turn on incredible light choreographies.


The possibilities of customization are virtually infinite – the client can choose the setting and the colour he prefers.

According to the event, it is possible to move from a simple neutral white to a set colour, or to a constant colour variation.

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