From an abandoned farmhouse to a luxury home with swimming pool on the hills of Breganze

Here is the amazing transformation of a disused country house into a mansion with a swimming pool on the hills of Breganze.

Architects Osvaldo Tretti and Sergio Carta together with lighting designer Andrea Lanaro from OLEV tell the story behind the project.

The country house is surrounded by the vineyards of the Breganze hills, where Torcolato, the finest local wine, is produced.

The renovation project carried out on behalf of the client has preserved all the original elements of the country house: the shape of the building, the walls covered with stones typical of the Chiavone stream, the exposed bricks of the columns and other elements.


The stone walls, as well as the interior and exterior columns, have come back to life thanks to a restoration, reinforcement and cleaning process. The deteriorating slabs have been replaced.

The internal layout has been adjusted to fit the needs and requirements of the client.

All the systems have been redone in the interests of greater sustainability and energy saving. Two heat pumps powered by a photovoltaic system have been installed to provide air conditioning for both the house and the swimming pool. 

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The lighting project carried out by Andrea Lanaro enhanced the rustic style of the house, through hidden and built-in light sources.

The lighting fixtures of choice were LED strips, which outline the shapes of the rooms, the gazebo, and the pool.

This lighting technique gives a three-dimensional effect to the spaces.

At the same time, it helps guests understand where they are and which path takes them to the different indoor and outdoor areas.

Unconventional lighting for the pool with stone walls and a panoramic view

The spectacular infinity pool was created by digging out the hill that rises over the house.

The lack of edges makes a great visual impact, emphasized by the stone walls and the breathtaking view.

The idea for the lighting scheme was to create something different and unconventional.


Thanks to LED strips installed at the bottom of the stone walls, the light spreads horizontally.

These LED strips are designed specifically to be watertight and cannot be damaged by water splashes.

During an evening swimming in the pool, the light effect is soft and relaxing, while the eyes can wander freely over the stunning view offered by the hills of Breganze. 

The LED strips recessed in the gazebo create the ideal atmosphere for eating and socializing outdoors while admiring the view

The space is covered by a gazebo made of flat steel profiles where LED strips and canvas panels have been mounted.

The installation of the LED strips ensures the utmost visual comfort during the dinner.

The table is always illuminated with the proper light for dining, but at the same time, the eyes are relaxed and can enjoy the beautiful view.

A modern style for the decorative lighting

The rustic vibe of the architecture finds a more modern interpretation in the designer furniture.

Of course, the dining area couldn’t go without a pendant lamp with a great personality. The table is illuminated by a set of 2 OLEV Gavin pendant lamps, in perfect tune with the modern furnishings.

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