Offices SUNGLASS INDUSTRY – Padova (Italy)


When work becomes a pleasure: how light can become an instrument of well-being in the office

Here is the OLEV lighting project for the new headquarters of SunGlass designed to promote the psycho-physical well-being of the people who experience the workplace daily.

olev_illuminazione_ufficio_sunglass (9)

Increased well-being means increased productivity

A world leader in the production of curved glass, SunGlass is the place where the ideas of the greatest modern architects take shape. From Frank Gehry to Norman Foster, and these are just a couple of the company’s illustrious clients.

OLEV’s lighting solutions are tailored to each environment and help people focus on their work and feel more motivated. 

In fact, increased well-being means increased productivity.


Light effects are reflected on the glass walls of the interiors

On the upper floor, the combination of glass walls and blind walls ensures both visibility and privacy, without compromising the brightness of the rooms.

The large windows around the perimeter provide plenty of natural light, combining with the light trails characterized by an elegant and modern design. 

The overall effect conveys the image of a company that has made innovation its guiding principle.

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Office activities

Office activities in a dynamic company like SunGlass are very diverse: from desk work to communication and creative activities. 

Light needs to adjust to each stage of the work process, from focusing to communicating, creating the perfect visual conditions for each activity.


Double light beam projection

The workstations are illuminated by lamps that have been tailor-made for these environments and can be moved when necessary. 

They feature a double light beam projection. 

The upward beam illuminates the room with diffuse light. 

The downward direct light is designed specifically for the use of video devices. It illuminates the desk perfectly, providing the utmost visual comfort for the operating staff.

olev_illuminazione_ufficio_sunglass (11)

Touch control

Another innovative feature of these lamps is the touch button for switching off the light, with a minimal and elegant design, in case the natural light coming from the windows is sufficient.

For well-being and concentration, it’s essential to choose the right quantity of light and the right colour temperature. 

The OLEV lamps are all dimmable and allow office workers to customize their own workspace by reducing or increase the light intensity.


Thin light lines run through the hallways

Subtle, non-invasive light lines recessed into the ceiling create a light trail. 

A path guiding people through the corridors that wind through the workspaces.

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