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The 3 steps for the perfect lighting of a seafront penthouse

Interior Designer Elisa Lionello from Grace House studio tells about her lighting and interior design project for a penthouse with a breathtaking view in a famous Venetian seaside location.

We are in a popular seaside resort in Veneto, with a client who needed to decorate a penthouse with a panoramic sea view on all sides.

Lighting was essential to achieve the delicate balance between style and practicality.   

Here are the 3 steps of the lighting project of the penthouse, where OLEV products create the perfect atmosphere for carefree days of peace and relaxation.

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First step: ambient lighting for ultimate functionality

Only the general lighting was designed in the first step of the lighting project. 

This way, maximum functionality was ensured in each room, as well as the possibility of choosing any finishing in the following stages.

In the open-plan kitchen-living room, OLEV Ghost recessed spotlights provide a diffused light, which is perfectly integrated into the furnishings and capable of making the spaces feel airy and comfortable.

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Second step: a light that enhances the textures and adds to the uniqueness of the home

The second step involved the choice of light sources to create specific light effects and emphasize the different textures.

Precisely the finishes make the home unique and personal: among these, the high-quality stoneware flooring, the fossil wood in the minimal style kitchen, the burnished of the wall units in the living area.  

The burnished finish is also echoed by the OLEV Cylinder pendant lamps that illuminate the kitchen top directly, and in the OLEV Shine Spot spotlights installed on the sides of the bed in the master bedroom.

Third step: design with a strong character expressed through the decorative lamps

The decorative lamps were the final touch to complete the lighting project also in terms of aesthetics.


In the open-plan kitchen-living room, where we find the spectacular view of the sea amplified by the large concealed windows, an arrangement of OLEV Poly Esagono decorates the dining area with its strong character. 

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