Langosteria Milano choses OLEV

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Langosteria: the iconic fine-dining restaurant in Milan chooses OLEV to update the lighting

Restyling the lighting of a well-established restaurant can be a tricky task…

Especially in a restaurant like Langosteria, a prominent presence on Milan’s fine dining scene for years. 

In Langosteria’s dining hall, guests can enjoy exceptional dishes and live a unique experience

And interior designer Carlo Samarati chose OLEV to modernize the lighting fixtures without disrupting the restaurant’s distinctive identity.

“The restaurant didn’t have to be designed from scratch. 

Langosteria is a place with its own history. Its beauty lies in the fact that it has grown over time. 

The new lighting had to preserve the atmosphere that made the restaurant so successful.” says Samarati.

The new OLEV  Beam Master Track  Zummy spotlights were mounted to the ceiling through a modern magnetic 48V track system.  

From above, they project light onto the tables making the environment warm and intimate and fitting perfectly with the exclusive character of the restaurant.

“Langosteria is only open in the evening.

We wanted to maintain and enhance the candlelight effect by using a very warm light, matching the refined atmosphere.”

The charm of a candle in the middle of the table is replicated by the spotlights’ tailor-made light beam

Not only are the Zummy spotlights adjustable, allowing you to slide them into the ideal position…

…but they also have a mechanism that controls the light beam’s width so that it can be tailored to the size of each table: 

“We designed focused lighting on each table, using only a few low-energy pieces. 

The narrow beam of the OLEV spotlights is projected precisely onto the center of the table for three reasons: 

  • provide a sense of intimacy and comfort for the guests sitting at the same table;
  • prevent the light from illuminating people’s faces and casting unpleasant shadows; 
  • create suggestive light and shadow effects from one table to another, leaving the surrounding environment in the dark.

In the welcome bar, the spotlights add a modern touch to the subtle retro aesthetic that Langosteria’s customers cherish:

“The heart of Langosteria is the welcome bar.

For the counter, we designed a bar that evokes an old brass lamp, echoing the subtle retro style ambience.

Modern OLEV spotlights were mounted onto the bar: the contrast of the two styles does not clash but rather increases the appeal and the charm of the setting. 

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