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OLEV presents Pure BioAir: the lamp that sanitises environments completely safely

OLEV_PURE_BIOAIR (6)_aria_lampada_sanificante_battericida_UVC_led_batteri_covid_luce

The situation linked to COVID-19 has triggered in us at OLEV the desire to design something new for human health and well-being.

Pure BioAir was born from this desire.

Pure BioAir is the lamp designed to sanitise offices and other interiors, guaranteeing the safety and well-being of occupants.

BioAir technology exploits the bactericidal power of UV-C light, which is highly effective at counteracting the spread of dangerous viruses, bacteria and pathogenic microorganisms.

Unlike common germicidal lamps where UV-C rays are emitted directly, the UV-C light deployed in BioAir is completely hidden.

This was a very careful choice: a number of scientific studies have proven that direct exposure to UV-C rays without precautions can cause irreversible damage to eyes and skin.

To offer the maximum degree of protection, Pure BioAir channels air within it, filtering it through an integrated UV-C light source hidden inside the light’s housing.


In this way the sanitised UV-C rays are completely hidden, meaning the room’s occupants are completely shielded.

Pure BioAir is the lamp that purifies the environment with UV-C light in a truly safe way.

The power of its technology allows for a germicidal efficiency on the filtered air equal to 79% to be achieved.

When left to function for 8 hours, Pure BioAir can filter the entire volume of air within an office of 30 m3, thus sanitising 79% of the air in a 30m3 space.

We’ve also carefully researched the surface treatment used: the paint is protected by a transparent anti-bacterial film based on microencapsulated silver ions, providing effective protection against 99.99% of germs and bacteria.

OLEV_PURE_BIOAIR (3)_lampada_led_design__sanificante_battericida_germicida_virus_batteri_filtrante


In contrast, the light source used to illuminate the environment comes from an LED source, with a very high colour output, placed in the lower part of the lamp, which diffuses the light beam downwards.

The lamp can also be equipped with ultra-dark lamellar screens that eliminate glare from any direction you look at it, guaranteeing a UGR (Unified Glare Rating) value of less than 19.

People working on computer screens will enjoy enhanced visual comfort and optimal air quality.

OLEV_PURE_BIOAIR (1)_lampada_led_design__sanificante_battericida_germicida_virus_batteri_filtrante

If you wish, we can supply Pure BioAir with Tillandsia plants, a special ‘smog-eating‘ plant that requires no care. In fact, it doesn’t grow in soil and takes in all the nutrients it needs exclusively from the moisture in the surrounding environment.

This small plant enhances the sanitising action of the lamp by absorbing polluting particles present within the interior.

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