This lamp turns every corner of the house into the ideal home office

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2020 will go down in history as the year of the smart working revolution.

The health crisis has forced many of us to suddenly establish a workspace in our house.

However, not everyone is used to working from home. Many people prefer an office environment with the desk that they’ve customized to their needs over time.

It may not be so easy to replicate the same setup at home.

How can you turn a private space into a work sanctuary to get things done just like you’d do in the office?

The Italian blog “La casa In Ordine – Vivere con Stile” has made a selection of the best gear to turn every corner of the house into a comfortable, functional, and stylish home office.

20_03_RIVISTA_WEB_quadrata_lacasainordine.it_smartworking_TEEAnd in addition to exclusive portable desks and folding chairs that you can put away in almost every tiny spot when you don’t need them…

The blog has selected OLEV Tee, the rechargeable table lamp created by our Art Director Marc Sadler.

Now, if you want to set up the perfect home office, you have to know a few basic lighting rules.

These little tricks will allow you to boost your well-being throughout the day… And therefore to maximize your personal productivity.

First, in defining the space that you’ll dedicate to your home office you should keep in mind that the natural light is vital.

The ideal environment for your workspace should have big windows so that daylight helps you improve your productivity and alertness.

However, for the best possible visual comfort, you’ll also need an artificial light source to illuminate your desk.


In fact, you should consider that the electronic devices you use can cause stress to your eyes.



In addition to supplementing the ambient lighting, a rechargeable table lamp like OLEV Tee is perfect for reducing eye strain, thanks to the latest LED technologies’ intense light.

OLEV Tee is compact, lightweight, versatile and wireless.

Once you have chosen the room to set up your workspace, you’ll just need to place it on the desk.

You won’t need power cables to turn it on, so the desk will always be tidy and clutter-free.

The elegant shape and finishes will make for a beautiful piece to keep next to you during the conference calls with your co-workers!

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