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Can an office building actually provide the best marketing exposure ever?

Gunter Panozzo, the owner of Univer 2000, tells us how the dramatic light arrangement created by Olev for his office building has brought to his company a huge marketing exposure.

Less than a year ago, in Olev Mag #2 we told the story of the lighting design realised specifically for the new headquarters of Univer 2000, a company active in the field of powder painting.

Gunter Panozzo, owner of Univer 2000 and author of the “Rubik’s cube” concept, one year after the conclusion of the project tells us how this idea was born, why he decided to contact Olev and which effects this had on the exposure of his company.

“The vision I had for the illumination of the new office building was one of uniqueness.

Since the building is visible from the road, we wanted something impactful to promote the company.

The idea was to turn the building into a Rubik’s cube.

The search of  a partner capable of making this dream come true

The serch of  a partner capable of making this dream come true:

“It wasn’t easy to create such an arrangement.

I needed the right partner. Through Studio Thiella, the engineer who developed the project, I met Andrea Lanaro and Olev.

I must admit I was a bit skeptical at the beginning.

When I had the chance to know Andrea better I realised he was skilled and greatly experienced in the lighting field. Together we had a wonderful experience.

Olev was an excellent partner, with regard to the development and also the economic factor of this project.

Andrea and his team managed to turn the initial idea into reality. Had we not found Olev, I don’t think we would have ever been able to bring our vision to life successfully.

But what were the results of the lighting arrangement in terms of publicity?

“I went to see a client in Brescia and he showed me the pictures of my office building on his iPad screensaver. I was very much impressed.

The impact of this project was incredible, it promoted the image of the company greatly.

After one year, Gunter says he is extremely satisfied for 2 reasons:

“Since I am not a lighting professional I couldn’t imagine such an outcome.

I am very pleased first of all because there hasn’t been any kind of problems at all. When you create something so unique and customised, the fear is that something doesn’t work the way it is supposed to.

But I am very satisfied especially of the exposure of the company, which has been incredible.

Everybody everywhere knows us.

Anyone who passes by notices the spectacular light arrangement – it may be the most original element we have around here.

We deal with colours and the lighting design realised by Olev has really made the best of our brand identity.”


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