In just 4 months a 70s house has turned into this exclusive modern home

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Starting and completing the renovation of a house in just 4 months?

It sounds like a Guinness World Record challenge.

But in Rosà (Vicenza), a few kilometres from Bassano del Grappa, the project for the refurbishment and decoration of an old house from the 70s moved fast.

Instead of a dull and bland building with an old-fashioned look, a modern and exclusive residence now rises. A house with elegant interiors and wide outdoor spaces designed with great attention to details.

The new home provides its owners Chiara and Massimo with all modern comforts – designer furnishing, outdoor swimming pool, and designer LED lights by Olev.

What is the secret behind such a radical and quick makeover?

The project was indeed ambitious.

And renovating is a complicated journey, always challenged by pitfalls and unexpected twists.

For this reason, Chiara and Massimo hired Architect Simone Andrighetto, who researched the ideal solutions for smooth and functional environments.

The decor now has elegant shapes and refined colours. The minimal-design LED lighting brings out the modern vibe.

Since the ceilings had already been enamelled, it wasn’t possible to use recessed lights, as you could do in a house which is being built from the ground up.

The ideal solutions for a modern look and bright spaces were external LED strips and profiles, granting direct or indirect light according to the desired atmosphere.

So let’s have a closer look at the most interesting features of this lighting design.

Scenic lighting for the garden and the outdoor area

Already from the outside the house delivers a feeling of great refinement and strikes the viewer with the wide spaces along its perimeter.

The credit goes to the utmost care put into the planning of the spaces, the selection of the outdoor furnishing and the lighting design, involving lights that complement the details of the garden in the night.

The vegetation is entirely illuminated from above with downward light, to create a fascinating scenic effect and give the perspective of the width of the garden, allowing to catch a glimpse even of its most intimate corners.


For the larger trees, the Architect has chosen DOT Spots, adjustable spotlights by Olev.

The light beam spreads vertically and highlights the tree trunk and the lower leaves. The light embraces the roots of the trees and fades gradually upwards.

A wise touch which gives the idea of the depth of this garden and sets off the high elements, granting a better awareness of the outdoor spaces which surround the house.


On the garden’s edge, the LED step lights allow you to walk safely along the footpath and down the ramp which takes to the garage.

The light is directed towards the ground so that the path to the entrances is clearly visible and perfectly lit.


On the west side of the residence, a table and few outdoor seats create an area which is ideal for dining outside in the warmest summer nights, still with some privacy thanks to the trees and the surrounding vegetation.

The table and the benches have minimal shapes, while the light brought onto the table comes from a remarkably tall floor lamp.


Lighting design for the outdoor area featuring a swimming pool



La piscina nell’area relax esterna è un chiaro segno dell’esclusività di questa abitazione.


The swimming pool in the outdoor area is clear evidence of the exclusive nature of this residence.

On the poolside, three extremely unique seats in fair-faced concrete stand out with their minimal but strong lines and their modern vibe.

The low-voltage LED strip lights placed right under the seats create a soft light which breaks the darkness and enhances the appeal of the entire arrangement.

It’s the perfect setting where you can chat or sip a drink with your friends during hot summer evenings.




Lighting design for the living room

The living room is spacious and airy.

The wall facing the outdoor relaxation area has a big window, which allows for plenty of natural light to enter the room.


The indirect light diffused by a hidden LED profile and by the wall sconces makes for the feeling of a wide and open space in the evening.

The whole environment appears to be pleasant in terms of visual comfort and light consistency.


All the lighting fixtures are of course dimmable, to maintain always the ideal light intensity, according to personal preferences or natural light conditions.

Lighting design for the kitchen

Inside the kitchen, 2 LED profiles illuminate the entire environment, making for a minimal style and modern aesthetics.


Lighting design for the stairs

As this is a staircase confined on both sides, the ideal solution was to install recessed wall LED step lights, which project their light towards the opposite wall.

The spotlights emit diffused light so that the entire stairwell is properly lit, and not just the stairs.

This way the staircase is safe, without bulky wall sconces projecting the light directly in the eyes and requiring constant cleaning.



Lighting design in the bedroom

In the bedroom, an external LED profile has been installed close to the closet wall so it can provide proper light inside the wardrobes.

The bed is placed on the opposite side and remains in a half-light, so having the light on doesn’t bother who is getting ready for sleep.

Next to the bed, the ornamental bedside lamps deliver the last light of the day, to read a good book before falling asleep.


Lighting design for the recreation room

A red pool table dominates the recreation room.

An item which plays the main role in the whole setting, not only for its size but also for its power to tell stories about exciting challenges, looking for the epic move that impresses everyone.

The cylindrical pendant lamps step into the storytelling with their direct light projected on the pool table. The surrounding environment is left under dim-light on purpose, creating an atmosphere which feels like carefree evenings.

Are you looking for the right lighting solutions for your renovation project?

As you have read in this article, a house which is undergoing a renovation requires lighting solutions specifically designed for that unique situation.

It’s not enough to choose the lighting fixtures that you like best if the spaces have already been decorated. Even if they are LED lights or designer lamps.

If you plan the artificial lighting only at the end of the construction, you will have a hard time trying to achieve similar effects to those you have seen in the pictures of this house.

Today, LED lighting grants the opportunity to produce a great number of different lamps. The classic designer pendant lamps can be paired with minimal design profiles, which have a subtle and modern outlook.

Choosing the light points from the first stages of the project will allow you to determine how to select and combine the right elements from the variety of lighting fixtures available on the market.

Exactly how it happened for this house.

Do you want to find out which lighting solutions could suit YOUR house and style?

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