DIM TO WARM – everything you need to know about this new lighting technology


Dim to Warm: what is this new lighting technology?
What are its applications?
Why do architects and interior designers need to know about it?

Here are all the answers.


Do you remember the dimmer controller of old halogen light bulbs? When you wanted to lower the light intensity using the dimmer switch, the light of the lamp turned to red and orange hues, creating a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere of intimacy.

With the introduction on the market of the first LED lamps, this effect seemed to be lost forever. LED-based lighting fixtures could indeed be dimmed, but it wasn’t possible to vary the colour temperature. For several years this turned out to be one of the very few limitations of LED lighting, which hindered its extensive use in the hospitality field or in luxury restaurants.

Today we can state for sure that this boundary has been crossed.

Because thanks to the new Dim to Warm technology, even the dimmer switches of the most modern designer lamps allow controlling both colour temperature and intensity at the same time.

Precisely with the same mechanism of the old-time halogen light bulbs.

By lowering the intensity, the result is a warm light that mimics the old halogen lamps but at the same time benefits from all the advantages of LED technology, which makes it ideal for homes, hotels, and restaurants.

Dim to Warm – advantages and applications

The greatest advantage of the Dim to Warm technology is having the right light in every moment, turning from a working light to a soft and cosy atmosphere.

Its applications open up to a variety of important opportunities for decorators and designers, ranging from the hospitality field to luxury restaurants.

But also in private homes, the clients will be eager to have the opportunity of always creating the right atmosphere, moving from the proper light for a dinner with the family to the ideal lighting for watching a movie.


Dim to Warm technology in OLEV designer lamps



OLEV has implemented the Dim to Warm technology as well.

The Poly Esagono Dim to Warm pendant lamp can turn from a 3200 K or 3000 K light with maximum light intensity to a 2400 K warm light, lowering the light intensity of 95%.

But it’s not just designer lamps. Olev is the only brand that has incorporated Dim to Warm also in LED strips.

The lighting arrangements and the emotional atmospheres that can be combined to create a unique feeling are virtually infinite.


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