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Mercedes-Benz chooses OLEV custom light


Here is a preview of a prestigious international project – OLEV will illuminate the new Mercedes-Benz administrative building in the heart of Berlin

The world-famous automotive brand Mercedes-Benz has chosen OLEV designer lighting for its new administrative building in Berlin Mitte, the very heart of the German capital city.

The building will arise from the restoration of the Kaufhaus Jandorf compound dating back to the beginning of 1900, which throughout its history has served at first as a department store and later as renowned fashion institute during the German Democratic Republic (GDR).

The building has a fascinating facade in the Art Nouveau style, which secures it rightful entry in the State monuments list.

The renovation project includes a restaurant on the ground floor and the Mercedes offices on the upper levels.

On the rooftop, a garden with relaxation areas will allow visitors to enjoy the inspiring view of the Mitte district, the creative core of the city.


All of the OLEV lamps will be produced following the directions of the design firm, to grant functional light and at the same time complement the details of this exclusive location.

The work is now in progress and it’s expected to be completed by the end of 2019.

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